My blog doesn’t have a lot of guidelines. I write about what’s on my mind most of the time. I’ve learned a couple of useful personal maxims over the last few years that have really helped me; things I strongly believe in, or that really make me think. I’d like to put out what I’ve learned, and to listen in comments what people think about them.

I’d love for people to prove me wrong. Or at least to challenge my thoughts. I’m not vain enough to think all my opinions are wholly correct or justified. In fact, most of them are only half fleshed out guesses at what I think I believe. So please, prove them wrong if you can.

I’m very interested in philosophy, and so my writing tends to have a large philosophical base.

I also love Game of Thrones. Like love. I have theories, I know and understand most popular or common ones online too. I have read all five books and all released chapter of The Winds of Winter. Would love to chat about theories, ideas, speculations etc.

Mainly, I’m not here just to publish my own thoughts. I’ve spent enough time thinking them through. I’m here for the discussion. I’m here for you. I’d like some different opinions.