I want to try something different.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to cut television out of my life. For good. For 20 years we’ve been involved in an unhealthy relationship. It’s been intense. It’s been time engulfing. And it’s been lethargic.

Well, I’m finally cutting that fat away. Or at least trying to.

(Note: This comes with one exception. Game of thrones will never be a waste of my time. For that reason I will always, and with a happy conscience, watch that show. Even if it’s the tenth time I’ve seen an episode. Even when they receive such profoundly negative flack for their portrayals of sexual violence or other such sensitive subjects. Game of thrones and I have had a great relationship from the start and I’m not sure D&D—and definitely not Martin—could do much to make me break up with it.)

I must admit I haven’t been as cold with my turkey as I planned, or at least hoped. But I’ve been much better. And so I’ve been left with shockingly lengthy days and not much to fill them with. Who knew a day could hold so much time?

I’m on summer vacation. There are jobs to be done, family to visit, and sun to be soaked. It’s been glorious, though not as busy as I am used to being as a student with a part-time job and an extra course load. So, what else is an aspiring writer to do? First, drink more coffee, (though I hardly need the extra caffeine boost these days). Second, read. Read a lot. Then read more. And third, well, write of course. Then rinse and repeat. The three go delectably well together if you ask me.

So I’ve been reading a lot. Big whoop. Except that I’ve decided I want to share what I’ve read. And so this is where you come in. In the past few weeks I’ve read a total of 3 and a half books. Most of which I started at some point over the school year but never had time to finish. Some were better than others. But all (so far) have been worthwhile.

Here, under the category ‘On My Shelf,’ I plan to tell you why; in other words, whether or not I leave this book on the shelf in the living room for people to see, or if it goes into the box bound for the second-hand bookstore. You don’t have to read the books after; you don’t have to like my reviews or even agree with them. Heck, you don’t even have to read them. But they’ll be here in case you’re interested. And maybe I can convince a few of you to read the books I enjoyed, or even loved. And I hope you end up loving them too. Either way, you can always leave me a lengthy comment explaining why you don’t.

This, I think, is going to be loads of fun.