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I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel all over the world to exotic locations. Whether it’s to the beach, the slopes, or the various beautiful European cities, there are a few things I can’t seem to leave behind. Some may be for necessity, others perhaps less so.


#1. My camera. This particular item may not be necessity but it may as well be. It basically becomes an accessory or a fifth limb in beautiful foreign places.


#2. My face wash. Especially after a long plane ride a refreshing face wash is what you want.


#3. Face moisturizer. For similar reasons but also particularly at the end of flights when you’re a little dehydrated (which is natural when ascending 30,000 ft in the air) and your skin feels a little parched.


#4. A good book for long train rides, plane rides, beautiful beaches or parks. Especially one by a really good author that you can savour the sentences and read it as slowly as you like.


#5. That slim but versatile dress. It packs away without taking up much space or adding to your luggage weight. You never ever know when you’re going to want to pull out a nice outfit: even when you’re on the road.


#6. A water bottle. Although some places are harder to find a good clean water source you never know when it can come in handy. And, when empty, it’s virtually weightless in your pack and can be filled with clean clothes to maximize space. It also might save you a couple of bucks when you don’t have to buy water.


#7. A deck of cards. Because in all seriousness you never know when this one will come out. On the plane; in your hostel; at a rest stop on a long hiking trail. Make friends and break the ice while being able to learn about what led all these wildly different people to the same place at the same time. Also, when you’re alone you can pass the time and play solitaire J


#8. Hair brush! Maybe it’s because I have such long hair but my special detangling brush is a necessity: twice daily. I’m serious.


#9. An envelope filled with ticket stubs, maps, or destination explanations so that I’m not spending vacation time planning my vacation. I’m more of a traveler who prefers to make the plan as I’m in the place, rather than setting my sights on a schedule in advance without knowing how I’ll feel when I get there. As it is, I do the research ahead of time and know my options. Every day I take a look and then go with whatever invites me the most.


#10. Journal. I know, I know. If you’re not much into journaling then this one isn’t relevant. Journaling has been all over the web recently and people tend to be either really into it, or not at all. But, hear me out. Especially when you’re just travelling for a few days or weeks a journal can go a long way. Even if it’s just writing down directions or other little things that were funny or interesting in your day. In five, ten years down the road you might not remember. And memories are priceless.



So those would be the top ten things I need to travel with. Maybe you wouldn’t agree with them all, and maybe you would substitute something here or there. If that’s the case I’d love to hear what you’d nix and what you’d keep! Comment below!


Any other requests, or questions, please leave in the comment section and I will be sure to respond as quickly as I’m able. 🙂 Thanks in advance!