What a great reminder to clean out the clutter in our daily schedule. Going to sleep/getting up early.. interesting

Starting Fresh At 21

So. Hello there!
I’m not really sure how to start.
I don’t really know what this is to be honest. Maybe on online Diary..log..to do list thing? Sharing personal problems and dilemmas on the internet.. what could go wrong! Right?..

I have come to the conclusion that I need to Start Fresh. Things have gone a bit haywire this year, and I’ve found myself in a place which I’m not very happy with at the moment. And that needs to change.
-After finally finishing my second year of university, hoping to have an awesome summer, I’ve found myself facing 4 resit exams at the end of August after failing half the year. Which means, spending the summer indoors, studying.
That is very..not awesome.

Even though I have had a few unexpected obstacles thrown at me this year anyway, I know that these failures are all inevitably down to me…

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